Learn Why You Should Use Renewable Natural Gas For Your Fleet

The fuel you use for your fleet is a crucial choice. Whether your fleet runs on fossil fuels or a more renewable energy source, you need to make sure you’re using a reliable fuel and taking care of your bottom line. Renewable Natural Gas is a cost-effective, green choice that relies on technology that’s becoming more accessible at a rapid rate. Plus, if you already use compressed natural gas vehicles for your fleet, all you need to start using renewable natural gas is a fleet access card!

Why use renewable natural gas

3 Reasons To Use Renewable Natural Gas For Your Fleet

#1: Help Your Bottom Line

Renewable natural gas is a domestic fuel source, created using organic waste from here in the US with American anaerobic digesters. One of the benefits of a domestic fuel source like this one is its stability. Natural gas prices are lower than crude oil prices and have been for quite some time.

#2: Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Renewable natural gas is an environmentally friendly option for your fleet. It’s created using organic waste that would otherwise release the greenhouse gas methane into the atmosphere as it decomposed. When you use it in your fleet, you’re replacing the fossil fuels that you would otherwise use, preventing further emissions. That’s part of why fleets choose RNG.

#3: The Technology Is Improving Rapidly

The technology that makes it possible for NGVs to run on renewable natural gas is becoming increasingly affordable, effective and widely available. For example, Cumins Westport recently announced an engine that will make natural gas a more impactful choice for fleets. The 12-liter near-zero-NOx natural gas engine is the cleanest heavy-duty engine available.

If you’re looking to convert your fossil fuel fleet to a more renewable energy source, or if you’re looking to expand the network of stations available to your natural gas fleet, pick up a fleet card!

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