We Sell Fuel: ReFuel Energy Partners Is Your Sustainable Fleet Fuel Solution

Renewable natural gas is a safe, sustainable way to meet your fleet fueling needs. Converting your fleet gives you a dependable source of fuel and demonstrates your commitment to the climate and the future of renewable energy. 

RNG Is Cost-Effective

Using renewable natural gas as your fleet fuel is a practical, cost-effective choice for your business. How?

RNG is a domestic fuel source.

ReFuel Energy Partner’s RNG is completely domestic; we use waste from our communities and the fuel is produced in the USA. That means that when political shifts drive the prices of diesel and other fossil fuels up, you’ll have a reliable US-based fuel source, making the price - and your budget - more stable. Plus, when you choose renewable natural gas as your fleet fuel you’re investing in your community and your country. RNG creates American jobs in our communities - the impact is local.

RNG Is Convenient

You need fuel to be available for your fleet wherever business takes you. Thanks to the growing natural gas market, stations are available nationwide. You’ll always have access to natural gas for your vehicles.

Our ReFuel stations in Sacramento, San Jose, and soon Salt Lake City are part of a larger fleet fuel infrastructure that includes major companies like Clean Energy. Your drivers will have reliable, renewable fuel wherever they are on their route.

RNG Is Stable

There will always be organic waste that can be turned into fuel. People eat, food and trees grow, livestock eats, manure and wastewater are created, and farm fields are harvested. ReFuel Energy Partners builds its business around this continuous fuel source. That’s what makes renewable natural gas market dependable in a way that fossil fuels can’t be. By using a renewable fuel that doesn’t rely on a finite oil supply, you’re investing in a stable fleet fuel and a growing market.

Crude Oil (WTI/NYMEX) vs. Natural Gas (Henry Hub)

Source: Macrotrends

RNG Is Sustainable

Renewable natural gas helps curb greenhouse gas emissions and improves our communities in multiple ways:

  • By preventing methane gas from organic waste from entering the atmosphere.
  • By replacing harmful fossil fuel-based transportation fuels.
  • By eliminating odor from organic waste in landfills and dairies, and other side-effects of waste that impact quality of life and drive down property values.

By investing in RNG, your company can reduce your carbon footprint significantly, and your fleet will still perform optimally.

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