Meet ReFuel Energy Partners

ReFuel Energy Partners is a pioneer in the fuel industry. We work with our biodigester partners to turn tons of waste into clean, sustainable fuel. ReFuel is passionate about connecting the energy in organic waste to the consumer, creating a healthier environment and healthier communities.

Our History

ReFuel Energy Partner's fuel station was the first in North America to utilize anaerobic digestion technology to create renewable natural gas for transportation fuel. 

Atlas Disposal, the parent company of ReFuel Energy Partners, was the first private fleet in the greater Sacramento area to start using natural gas-powered vehicles in 2007. By May 2012, they had enough trucks to support their own station and ReFuel Energy Partners was born!

Since opening our first station in Sacramento, CA.  ReFuel Energy has added a 2nd location in San Jose, California near the San Jose Airport & is under development of a 3rd station in Salt Lake City, Utah.  ReFuel has continued to search out opportunities to deploy capital on station builds and natural gas supply development.

Today, ReFuel sells thousands of gallons of renewable natural gas every day. From refuse companies to load-to-load tractor trailers to local school districts and everyday passenger car owners, we service everyone. ReFuel Energy Partners is uniquely positioned to answer all questions about the long-term costs and benefits of having a natural gas fleet.

Our Expertise

Our team has over 20 year in the fuel and energy industry. We were one of the first companies to advocate and bring awareness for clean fuel.

We do much more than sell fuel. We use “partners” in our name because, in addition to selling fuel, we make fuel, invest in clean energy and development, and work with policy makers to craft legislation and regulation that is effective.

As a privately-run, community focused business you can be sure you get the attention and care you need in developing clean solutions for your company.


About Our General Manager

Sean Moen joined ReFuel Energy Partners in 2015. He has a background in fleet fueling, wholesale fuel, and business finance. He had the great opportunity to work with a small, family-run business while studying for his bachelor's degree, giving him a well-rounded skill-set to match a nimble business structure. Sean is a big-picture thinker who loves connecting people with solutions. Working for ReFuel Energy partners, a small and agile company in an emerging industry, suits him perfectly. Sean is able to be part of every aspect of the business, from maintenance to customer service to finance, and loves it.

ReFuel’s renewable natural gas is a safe, clean energy source with enough power behind it to drive your fleet.

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