Renewable Natural Gas:
It’s What We Do

ReFuel Energy Partners is a first-mover, a pioneer in a growing renewable energy market. We specialize in connecting renewable natural gas (RNG) with those that want to use it. We develop deep, meaningful, and mutually beneficial partnerships throughout the supply chain.

Do you need to get rid of organic waste, be it green, food, waste water, solid, or forestry? Are you looking for a sustainable, price-stabilized fuel for your fleet? We will connect you to a solution that will make the planet and your wallet happy.

We Make Fuel

Learn how we take organic waste from farm to fork to fuel, and how you can become a partner.

We Sell Fuel

Discover the benefits of powering your vehicles with RNG.

We Inform Policy

ReFuel is passionate about our role as part of the world's renewable energy future. Learn how the renewable natural gas industry is fighting to curb greenhouse gas emissions and create healthier communities.

Renewable Natural Gas Is