8 Big Organizations With Natural Gas Vehicles In Their Fleets

Renewable fuel may seem like a young industry, but there are already some big name organizations proving how successful investing in natural gas can be. These eight companies run fleets of natural gas vehicles. Will yours be the next to join the list?

Images features an Atlas Disposal truck. These are 8 of many organizations to successfully switch to natural gas vehicles.

8 Successful Fleets Of Natural Gas Vehicles

#1: LA Metro

The LA Metro board voted to buy 295 natural gas buses equipped with Near Zero engines from Cummins Westport. Even more exciting, the agency has a contract with Clean Energy. This contract will allow them to use renewable natural gas (RNG) in their natural gas vehicles.


John Drayton, director of vehicle technology at LA Metro, had this to say about the change: “There’s no magic to it, the CNG buses run well, the fuel is inexpensive and clean, and the technology is only getting better.”


#2: UPS

UPS is on a mission to slash their greenhouse gas emissions. They’ve made a few important commitments to help them reach this goal. They plan to make 25% of their annual vehicle purchases alternative fuel and advanced technology.


The popular shipping company relies on several different fuels, including RNG, also called Biomethane.


#3: Waste Management

Waste Management’s trucks aren’t just painted green, they are green. They have around 2,000 natural gas vehicles in their fleet serving as trash collection vehicles. They have the largest natural gas vehicle fleet in the country.


Thanks to their commitment to reduce carbon emissions by switching to natural gas, they’ve also invested in public natural gas fueling stations. These stations serve both their fleet and others, improving access to affordable, sustainable fuel for all.


#4: Dallas Fort Worth International Airport

The Dallas Fort Worth International Airport first adopted natural gas vehicles in 1994. The airport currently has 350 alternative fuel vehicles in its fleet, a mix of hybrids and NGVs. The airport’s shuttle and transit services also burn natural gas!


The airport reduced their petroleum use by 3 million gallons in 2016 alone.


#5: Republic Services

Republic Services, a waste collection company out of Fairfield, CA, has more than 50 new natural gas vehicles in their fleet. They also have their own compressed natural gas (CNG) fueling station!


Their General Manager Jeff Marone recently stated, “We are leveraging alternative fuels and fleet innovation to help reduce fleet greenhouse gas emissions and do our part to preserve our Blue Planet. We believe we have a responsibility to lead by example, with a commitment to reduce carbon emissions whenever possible.”


#6: San Diego’s Environmental Services Department

San Diego is working to switch its entire fleet of refuse and recycling trucks from diesel fuel to natural gas vehicles. They have thirteen CNG fueling stops that can each fuel two vehicles at a time. They have already added twenty natural gas vehicles to their fleet.


San Diego mayor Kevin L. Faulconer stated that “by transitioning to compressed natural gas, we’re making our fleet greener and saving money at the same time.”


#7: FedEx

FedEx has added a new compressed natural gas fueling station in Oklahoma. Clean Energy will be supplying the station with Renewable Natural Gas in the near future.


FedEx’s decision to use natural gas vehicles for part of their fleet demonstrates their commitment to being a leader in the movement towards more sustainable fuel.


#8: Atlas Disposal

Last, but by no means least, is our parent company, Atlas Disposal. This successful waste management company is fueled by compressed natural gas. ReFuel’s Sacramento station initially existed to fuel their garbage trucks.


For Atlas, natural gas vehicles make the most sense because they run on a fuel that is clean, quiet, and domestically-sourced. Those are significant factors for a company that cares about the community it operates in.


These eight companies have decided to use natural gas vehicles for their fleets for a host of great reasons. NGVs are cost-effective, practical, and show a commitment to sustainable business practices.

Will yours be the next successful company to switch to natural gas vehicles?

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