What The South Coast AQMP Means For The Future Of Natural Gas

The South Coast Air Quality Management Plan (The AQMP) will have a huge impact on the future of natural gas. In two new amendments, the plan recognizes natural gas vehicles as a cost-effective, clean-air option. This sets the stage for major industry growth.

One amendment, proposed by Supervisor Kuehl, updates the AQMD Fleet Rule to include near-zero technology. This includes natural gas vehicles. The second amendment, proposed by Dr. Parker, prioritizes the most cost-effective technologies to reach short-term air quality goals.

Read on to discover how the AQMP impacts the environment, natural gas infrastructure, and fleets.

ReFuel Energy Partners shares what the South Coast AQMP means for the future of natural gas. A truck fuels up under blue skies.

3 Reasons The South Coast AQMP Will Revolutionize The Future Of Natural Gas


1. It Recognizes That Natural Gas Will Have An Immediate Impact On Our Environment And Communities

Air-friendly natural gas engines like this one are available to fleets and drivers right now. According to Dr. Parker of the California Fuel Cell Partnership, diesel trucks emit about 100 tons of Nox a day. By using near-zero technology that number could drop by 98 tons per day. (Without having to spend any more money on technology R&D!) Renewable natural gas tech would help in this effort to reduce pollution. Turning waste into fuel instead of allowing it to decompose pulls nitrous oxide out of the air. This improves air quality, improving the health of our environment and communities. This impactful natural gas technology is ready to go right now!

The immediate availability of clean natural gas is finally drawing recognition from those outside of the natural gas industry. Dr. Parker proposed the second new amendment to the AQMP. This is significant because the California Fuel Cell Partnership consists of automobile companies based on hydrogen commercialization. The significance of someone invested in hydrogen supporting near-zero natural gas technology as a solution to poor air quality is enormous.

Natural gas is part of the solution to poor air quality, and this clean fuel source can impact clean air and community health right away.  Now that the AQMP includes natural gas, our industry is better-enabled to help create a healthy environment.


2. Industry Growth Means More Infrastructure

Including near-zero technology in the AQMP creates the potential for more funding for the natural gas industry. This will encourage more fleets to adopt natural gas vehicles, and the construction of more stations and pipelines.

More demand from drivers with natural gas vehicles creates a big opportunity for companies like ReFuel. Station and pipeline construction would allow us to team up with more mom and pop landfills, dairies, and other waste-producing businesses to convert their waste into renewable natural gas and ship it to stations and fleets throughout California.

The promising future of natural gas isn’t just good news for this industry. Infrastructure growth benefits companies with waste, companies with fleets, and the economies they contribute to.


3. More Funding Will Make Natural Gas Accessible For Fleets

Finally, the AQMP will encourage wider adoption of natural gas vehicles, making NGVs and natural gas more accessible to fleets everywhere.

Funding directed by the AQMP will go towards addressing pollution and creating cleaner air, creating grant funding for cleaner vehicles. More funding and industry growth will bring new stations and pipelines, making CNG and RNG more readily available and encouraging more fleets to become part of the future of natural gas.


From citizens concerned with air quality, to fleet managers, to business owners, the South Coast AQMP means blue skies are ahead for all of us. The natural gas industry has put a great deal of attention on research and studies on why and how NGVs can be part of the renewable energy solution. In the South Coast AQMP, that effort is finally paying off in a way that will benefit entire communities, and the environment as a whole.

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